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Founded by Rami Nafez Nazzal – A Palestinian-American who resides in East Jerusalem and is the son of Drs. Nafez and Laila Nazzal. Traveling extensively with his parents as they taught at world renowned universities, Rami gained an insight into the cultures of the world. Attending the Anglican International School in West Jerusalem, and later graduating in Business Management and Tourism from the University of Utah in 2003. He lived in Boston for seven years before returning to his childhood home in Jerusalem with the goal of being a force for peace.

With extensive journalistic experience for outlets like The New York Times, TIME, Reuters, Der Spiegel, the ability to simultaneously interpret between English and Arabic and connections with the most influential in the State, you will move freely and safely across borders.  He is even handed as he accompanies church leaders, politicians, film producers, tourists and other luminaries in the streets of Ramallah, Nablus and Hebron; and in villages and refugee camps in the West Bank. Strolling in bazaars, browsing the colorful kiosks of the multitude of goods, smelling the freshly brewed cardamom flavored coffee or tasting the Nablus specialty of Knafeh, the orange colored cheese dessert dripping with honey. You will meet and interact with locals, hear their stories and experience their hospitality and friendliness-gaining exposure to their daily lives.

Rami’s lifelong dream is sharing with people from all walks of life, the reality on the other side of the border.  His knowledge and exposure allows his clients the opportunity to discover the reality of Palestinian society and to gain a raw and authentic lens of the difficult political and emotional terrain of Palestine and Israel.

If you’re looking for a window into the reality of Palestine, let’s talk.

Rami Nafez Nazzal
Rami Nafez Nazzal